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Large or small, all investors are critically reliant upon their investments to fund their needs.  Everything from state-sponsored retirement benefits, to individual college savings, or simply maintaining one’s standard of living.  And in the end, investment success or failure impacts people.  It affects their well-being and their sense of security.  Investments have the ability to create opportunities where none existed previously.

Consequently, with investing comes enormous social responsibility.

Fortunately, the concepts for building robust portfolios are well-known.  Portfolios compound wealth best when they are comprised of a variety of uncorrelated underlying investments.  In other words, diversification is key.

But it's not that easy.  The problem is that diversifying investments are rare.  Very rare.  In fact, analysis readily reveals that a significant proportion of all commonly used investments share the performance signatures of just three asset classes: equities, fixed income and cash.  Three.

Investors deserve better -- they need better.

We understand the problem, and finding solutions is our focus.  We can do better.

We start with a singular focus on identifying recurrent market phenomena.  We then isolate those phenomena with diversifying tendencies and design investment strategies to harness these return drivers.

This focus demands that we step outside the traditional fundamentalist mindset, that we look beyond the well-worn paths of the equity markets, and that we lift the artificial constraints of long-only investing.  Our paths are decidedly less traveled and require innovative research methods, but these skills are our expertise.  We combine exceptional individuals with proprietary systems wrapped within a rigorous and scientifically-based research approach.

We share an intense desire to mine for the underlying truths within the capital markets.  It’s exciting work.  It's challenging work.  And above all, it’s important work.