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At the core of Welton’s investment philosophy lies a belief that enduring and recurring return opportunities exist, that they are discoverable, and that some fraction of these market tendencies can be creatively harnessed through a disciplined investment approach.

We also believe the opportunity set is vast given the prevalence of highly liquid global exchange traded markets.  In addition, the variety of systematic investment strategies available (such as momentum, mean reversion, and fundamentally-based strategies) has the potential to create a multi-layered series of opportunities within and among markets.  In short, we believe there are opportunities that are outside-the-box of most investors' existing portfolios.

To capitalize on these convictions, our research process relies on diverse and multidisciplinary teams, and particularly those that combine individuals with deep market experience and individuals with exceptional analytical skillsets.  In our view, sound investment innovation requires both.  Why?

We believe the most robust innovation offers insight into underlying return drivers.  For example, in isolation, pure analytical explorations often identify correlations within data, but these analyses lack the contextual knowledge for causal understanding.  That’s not good enough.  We want a clearer understanding of reality, not just promising results.  Consequently, Welton’s research process deliberately includes staff with market experience and an understanding of economics, behavioral finance and global capital flows.